Column series power capacitor

Features and Uses
This capacitor has advantages of low dissipation, medium adopt the polypropylene metallization membrane, let the wear rate fall to 0.5W/kvar below, heat smallness, temperature rise lowness, self-recover strong, make the life longer. Electrical capability fine, adopt the most advanced manufacture craft, makes the dielectric resistance to enhance, the electric capacity loss falls to the lowest, the long-term movement also can maintain the fine and stable electric capability. Products wholes airproof, build-in the security protector and discharge resistance, adopt the capable of compensating automatically and safely installment, dual electrical protection.

Technical Specifications
Rated Capacitance (Kvar): 1 to 30
Rated voltage (KVAC): 0.23 to 0.525
Ambient Temperature (℃): Indoor—25℃~50℃, humidity≤95%, altitude≤2000
Frequency: 50Hz or 60Hz
Testing voltage (VAC): T-T 2.15Un 10s
                                     T-C 3000VAC 10s
Insulation Resistance: between terminal and cover 500 VDC 1min > 1000M
Dissipation Factor: <0.1% (20 ℃)
Medium waste: ≤0.5W/kvar
Capacitance Tolerance: The difference of surveying electric capacity and its specified value does not exceed -5 - 10%, Between any two circuit terminals in the three-phase condenser unit,the rate between the max and the min of the surveying capacity is not more than 1.05.

50*150, 60*180, 65*(110 to 210), 76*(110 to 240), 86*240, 86*280
88*(110 to 280), 96*(110 to 260), 106*(110 to 280),116*(240 to 310)
Stud (optional):M12 to M16

Executing Standards: GB12747-2004, IEC60831 — 1996, UL810-1998
Electric discharge performance: Voltage drop to 50V from 1.414Un after cutting out 3 min.

Note: Exceptional specifications can be produced on consultation.
          Other types besides the above listed can be produced according to customer's requirements.