CD60A Electrolytic Motor Starting Capacitor

Features and Uses
CD60A series products are made of by the aluminum foil bar as the poles, alumina as dielectric, mushy state electrolyte and all of devices in one compact unit which can be sealed separately in aluminum can, bakelite or the ABS can. The connection types are of lug type and wire or cable type and non-polarized. The specific type of capacitors with high electrical characteristics are widely used in single phase A.C. motors with rated voltage of 110V-330V and the frequency of 50Hz - 60Hz to get high rotary torque at low starting current, and also the motor at a lower starting current under high torque.

Technical Specifications
Capacitance Range (μF): 25 to 1600
Rated voltage (VAC): 110 to 330
Temperature range(℃): -40 to 70
Testing voltage (VAC): T-T 1.25Un 2s
                                     T-C 2000VAC 10s
Dissipation Factor: tanδ≤0.15 (20℃,100Hz)
Capacitance Tolerance: 0 to 30%
Load Life: 55℃,110 to 165VAC,1S on,59S off,30000 times; 55℃,220 to 330VAC,1S on,59S off,15000 times;Capacitance change rate: ±15% Initial tested value.

Note: Exceptional specifications can be produced on consultation.