CBB65 AC Motor Capacitor

Features and Uses
The capacitor has advantages of low dissipation factor, high insulation resistance, good self-healing character, and steady electric performance, anti-striking current, strong over-carrying capacity and reliable safety with inner anti-explosive device. It is applied to compressor of air-conditioners, compressor of refrigerators, power factor compensation for illuminating lamps, etc, for the help of motor's starting and running.

Technical Specifications
Material of Can: Metal Can With or Without Stud
Capacitance Range (μF): 3 to 100
Rated voltage (VAC): 110 to 500
Temperature range(℃): -40 to 85
Testing voltage (VAC): T-T 2Un 2s
                                     T-C 2000VAC 60s
Insulation Resistance: T-T≥3000MΩ, μF
                                    T-C≥1000 MΩ
Dissipation Factor: tanδ≤0.002
Operating Frequency: 50/60Hz
Capacitance Tolerance: J(±5%), K(±10%) Fulfilled at the request of customers.
Executing Standards: IEC60252, UL810, EN60252, VDE0560-8, GB3667.1-2005.

Note: Exceptional specifications can be produced on consultation.