2018-12-07 15:19:09

Capacitor maker Lelon cuts into wind power market

Aluminum electrolytic capacitor maker Lelon Electronics has cut into the wind power market, having received orders from one wind power system maker totaling NT$70-80 million (US$2.12-2.42 million) for 2009.

Lelon's capacitors tailored for wind power systems began test production in December 2008 and will be shipped to the customer beginning in January 2009. Since the wind power capacitors are customized products, the production will be undertaken only if Lelon receive orders from customers.

The production process for wind power capacitors is more complex than the one for ordinary capacitors because the size of wind power capacitors is larger. Few Taiwan companies have the related technologies for producing large-size capacitors, and companies capable of doing making are mainly from Japan, Lelon said.

Lelon estimates its sales in December 2008 declined from November and the same period of 2007 because customers were clearing inventories, and sales in January this year will remain weak due to fewer working days.

Lelon has announced to stop the operation of its subsidiary in Suzhou, China before the end of March since the market of its major product tantalum electrolytic capacitor has shrunk and been replaced by multi-layer ceramic-chip capacitors (MLCCs).